“We know we had problems, but let’s fix this!”

My whole party and I are EU fans! When the leader of our party said in a speech in Berlin this year «We are EU radicals!” I and 1000 other delegates applaud and shouted.
We know our EU has problems. One problem is that Great Britain was not in the place it belonged in the European Union and now wants to leave. The Europeans share their history and often they share the same ancestors. The people of Europe are brothers and that is probably the reason why they have been fighting about power and the question who has the leading role in Europe for more than 2000 years.
Now we have the chance to end this fight about power, put the power in one place and discuss and decide what is best for our union and our whole continent.
This idea was started 70 years ago after a terrible and deadly war and it worked so well, that we have had peace and prosperity since then. Never have Europeans been as free as today.
However, sadly, it has not worked for everyone and sometimes things are very undemocratic in Brussel and Strasbourg. Therefore we need a parliament, that is elected and has the power to work more for the European people and less for the European companies.
It is good that we can travel without a visa, but we also need systems to prevent organized crime.
It is good that we have European minimum standards, but these standards must also work for small size companies.
It is good that companies can easily do business, but they have to pay their share as well.
It is good that we can work all over Europe, but we need rules that prevent modern slavery.
It is great that we got rid of mobile roaming fees, but we desperately also need an internet infrastructure, that sets us up for the future.
It is great to travel super easy, but it does not help you when you can not afford it.
There are many things we could achieve, but we need you Scottish, Irish, English, Welsh and all other people from Great Britain to achieve these goals.
I believe we can fix this.
Stay with us!
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